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Delsea Regional High School Track

Welcome to the website for the 5th New Jersey Middle School Track and Field Invitational Meet that is scheduled for Saturday, May 4, 2019.   All middle school track and field athletes from public, private, parochial, and homeschools, in grades 6-8, who meet the qualifying standards, are welcome to participate.  Please review the website for all meet information and registration deadlines.

NJPic4Facility: Lakewood Middle School, Lakewood, NJ

Start time: 11:00

Rain date: Sunday, May 5, 2019


All meet registrations will be done at

  • Deadline for Intent to Enter online form is Friday, April 19, 2019.
  • Deadline for on-time MileSplit entry is Friday, April 26, 2019.
  • An additional fee of $50.00 is charged for Late MileSplit entry between Saturday, April 27, 2019 and Tuesday, April 30, 2019, 9:00 pm.
  • Meet Fee Payment or school purchase order must be received by Wednesday, May 1, 2019 or your team will not participate.  No exceptions will be made.  Meet Fee payment may be made online through MileSplit or mailed to the meet director.  
  • There are no day of meet entries.

Entry Fees:

  • The entry fee is $8.00 for each team athlete participating at the meet.
  • Note that you owe for each entry made on-line. There are NO REFUNDS for scratches or “no shows.”
  • All entry fee questions should be sent to the

Meet Rules and Guidelines:

  1. The USATF rule book will be followed during the meet.
  2. Timing for all track events if Fully Automatic Timing.
  3. Athletes who participate in another school sport during the spring, other than track and field, are not eligible to compete.
  4. Homeschooled athletes who participate on a middle school track and field team score points for that team.
  5. Homeschooled athletes who are unattached do not score any points and may not participate in the relays or running events that have a preliminary heat.
  6. No athlete may be entered in more than three events(2 track and 1 field or 2 field and 1 track). Relays count as a track event. Entry as an alternate counts as one of the athlete’s 3 events.
  7. There is a maximum of 3 entries per school, per event.
  8. Only one relay team per event is allowed.
  9. Event scoring is as follows: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.
  10. Divisions are based on 2017-2018 enrollment data (grades 6-8) posted at NJDOE.  Click HERE to determine your school’s enrollment and meet division.
    Division 2 – 500 and under;
    Division 1 – 501 and up.
    If a school has a grade that is not eligible to compete, the enrollment for that grade will be subtracted from the school’s total enrollment number (grades 6-8).  A letter from the school’s principal must be emailed to the meet director, no later than two weeks prior to the meet, stating what grade is not eligible to compete.  A copy of the school policy stating why that grade is not eligible to compete must be attached.
    Any school whose athletes are allowed to participate on a varsity team will placed one division higher since those athletes have a distinct advantage of competing at a higher level during the spring season
  11. Private schools must email enrollment data (boys and girls) to the meet director at
  12. The top 8 finishers in each event, in each division, (including relay teams) will receive a medal.
  13. The top 3 boys’ and girls’ teams in each division will bring home a trophy.
  14. Athletes will compete by division in all track and field events.
  15. All results will be posted during the meet.
  16. All competitors in the field events will receive 3 attempts.
  17. In the shot put, discus, turbo javelin, and long jump the top 10 competitors will advance to the finals and will receive 2 additional attempts. Placing is based on the best mark of the 5 attempts.
  18. All long jumpers and high jumpers should arrive to the meet with their steps pre-measured. Measuring tapes will be attached to the runways to assist athletes.
  19. Throwing and long jump competitors will be grouped in flights based on entry marks. Flights will compete from shortest distance qualifiers to longest distance qualifiers.
  20. All jumpers and throwers are allowed one jump, run-through, or throw between flights.
  21. Throwers must use the throwing implements provided at the meet. Any thrower using his/her own implements will be disqualified.
  22. If a track athlete misses his or her heat, no accommodations will be made to squeeze him or her into a later heat.
  23. Non-competitors (parents, and non-competing athletes) are NOT allowed inside the fence surrounding the track. There will be restricted access in the field events.

Insurance Waiver:

The meet is sanctioned by USA Track & Field. Each competitor must submit an Assumption of Risk / Waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian (not the coach) before they will be issued any bib number or be allowed to compete. It is the coach’s responsibility to submit a signed document for each athlete they have entered. These must be presented on meet day, and be ordered alphabetically. After verification, the coach will receive their meet materials.
A printable copy of a single copy of the Participant Waiver & Release Form is available online or click here – Participant Waiver & Release Form for an Adobe PDF document containing 2 forms on 1 page.

Emergency personnel:

An athletic trainer will be onsite.

Contact Info:

Meet Director:

Payment Address:

Northeast Middle School Meets
4 Parsons Road
Hubbardston, MA 01452


  • General admission is $6.00. Kids under 12 get in for free.
  • A refreshment concession will be available.
  • Meet T-shirts and sweatshirts will be sold.  Prices will range from $15-$25